Authorized Retailers

We are building our distribution network as fast as we can around the globe. Here is a comprehensive list of our authorized retailers:

Domestic (US):

  • Atlas Stationers (link) - Chicago, IL
  • Dromgoole's Fine Writing Instruments (link) - Houston, TX
  • Federalist Pens and Paper (link)
  • Jenni Bick Custom Journals (link) - Washington, D.C.
  • Lemur Ink (link
  • Materia Magikeia (link)
  • Paper Herald (link) - Baltimore, MD
  • Vanness Pen Shop (link) - Little Rock, AR
  • InkJournal subscription boxes


  • Our Watered Grass (link)


  • Fru Steens (link) - Norway
  • Dance of Chaos (link) - Germany, Ships within EU
  • Nero's Notes (link) - UK

Australia / NZ: 

  • Flywheel (link) - Tasmania, Australia


  • Mira Stationers (link)