About Us

Hello, world! (from Maryland, USA): I founded Odyssey Notebooks and its lines of 68gsm Tomoe River notebooks based on my love for fine paper and fountain pens.

In elementary school, I received a beautiful 18k gold HERO pen for my 10th birthday from my grandparents. That’s just the start of inks, nibs, and pens I would be gifted over the years.

But paper or notebooks were rare presents. It’s hard to find a notebook that’s specifically for fountain pens.

So, I scoured the internet (and my local bookstores) for a notebook that I enjoy writing in. For me, that’s something with page numbers, with enough pages, with a hardcover, and most importantly, with quality paper that I can really get behind. I couldn’t quite find something like that (at an affordable price), so I’ve decided to make one.

I’ve tried a fair number of loose leafs from different paper manufacturers (Clairefontaine, Tomoe River, Cosmo Air Light, Midori, etc.) before, and Tomoe River 68gsm stood out to me. Through months of hard work, I had been able to create 3 lines of 68gsm Tomoe River notebooks, as well as 1 line of 160gsm bullet journals.

I’m very proud of these products, and am even more excited for you to use them. It is my sincere hope that you all enjoy these products.

At Odyssey Notebooks LLC we support people to create and learn new things by designing beautiful, well made products that are fun and easy to use. We value quality, usefulness, and sustainability and have designed our products accordingly whilst maintaining cost effectiveness.

All products are ethically produced via manufacturers in Japan, China, and the USA.

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